3 Reasons You Should Consider Seeing a Dating Coach

Dating can be hard, and the emotional cost of mistakes is great. That’s why there are so many books, sites, and apps that promise to help you avoid mistakes or make the process as smooth as possible. However, it is personal coaching that has the greatest odds of success. Here are three reasons you should consider seeing a dating coach.

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You Need the Practice

It takes time to practice what you’re learning about how to present yourself or how to behave and you aren’t going to do as well practicing in front of a mirror. You need to work with a dating coach to learn what to do and how to do it right. The coach will give you honest feedback on your performance and hold you accountable. You’ll be able to work on issues with the coach or consultant until you have it right, something that’s hard to do when you want love now.

You Don’t Know What Is Wrong

Sometimes, we don’t know what is wrong. We don’t know what we’re doing that is attracting the wrong people or driving good prospects away. And many of us don’t realize when what we’re doing is hurting us. A dating coach will evaluate your habits and behavior patterns, and then give you specific advice on how to correct these behaviors. You’ll learn not only why you’re attracting the wrong types of people but what to change to stop it – and what to do instead. Online quizzes and relationship books can’t help you see your own blind spots, but an experienced observer like a dating coach could.

Sometimes the issue is you. A dating coach could help you delve into the emotional and psychological side of what’s leading to problems in your love life, so you can resolve them. A dating coach isn’t a counselor, but a coach does provide personalized recommendations on how to improve your approach to dating and gives you actionable advice for whatever situation you find yourself in. Use them as a sounding board when you aren’t sure what to do or for feedback on whether or not you’re doing things right.

You Don’t Know the Right Approach

Maybe you don’t know what to do to find what you’re looking for. For example, a dating coach could help you expand your comfort zone and identify better places to find potential mates if the ones you’re meeting aren’t right for you. Maybe you keep attracting people who are looking for a good time and don’t know how to attract potential life partners. Or maybe, you’re dating a divorced woman and it might need a different kind of approach, which is when a dating coach can be helpful in steering the relationship just the right way.

You can use the dating coach as a sounding board, too, a critical resource if you lack a strong social support system to vet potential partners. Conversely, a dating coach is essential if your current social network keeps pushing you back into the unhealthy behavior patterns that have kept you trapped in bad relationships or attracting the wrong people. A coach may be necessary if you’re dealing with family that are telling you not to bother looking for someone new or when your own fears and skepticism are holding you back.


Whether your friends or family are giving you bad advice, you’re not finding the right people when you search for a mate via the web, or you think you’re the stumbling block in your relationships, the solution may be consulting with an expert in human relationships.