The Rise of the Serial Dater

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Online dating and smartphone apps, such as Tinder, have caused quite the social stir. Thought to encourage the ‘shopping around’ culture, it is argued that this accessibility between singles has given rise to the serial dater. But is that such a bad thing?

Times they are a changing

In times gone by courting was instantly a significant status, almost always leading to long term relationships. It wasn’t unheard of for our grandparents, even our parents, to have tied the knot by the time they hit their twenties. Today, this simply isn’t the case. Single men and women socialise in different circles, and go on multiples dates with different people. This is why there are so many casual dating sites out there. You can now go online and use Local Bangs to find a fuck near you before you eventually decide to get into something more serious.

The Tinder generation


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