Prague Escort Kiss and Tell (What They Do and Don’t Tell Their Significant Others)

Working as an escort, I find freedom and validation in my job. What I tell my significant other is my business, but now I’m making it yours.

Okay, you asked, so I’m telling.

This isn’t necessarily normal for me, as I have been working as a Prague escort for almost five years now, and there is a really strict professional code that goes along with my job: Don’t ask, don’t tell. This credo is fundamentally important to what I do and how I do it. Under the guise of anonymity, the internet provides, I conduct my business professionally, with little to no personal divulgement to my clients.

Much like they would expect of me. I respect their boundaries and look to our adventures as transactional. When I am with a client, I am solely with them, in that moment. What they do outside of our appointments is of no concern … Read the rest

10 Intimate Questions for a Bukkake Girl (That You’ve Never Had the Balls to Ask)

Meet Suzie (her name has obviously been changed), a premium Bukkake model. For the most part, she’s just like you and I. She shops at the same stores, uses the same social media site, has a dog. What’s exceptional about her is when she sets off to work, and becomes “Nona Bukkake

So when I was given the task of interviewing a premium bukkake model, Nona Bukkake, I have to say, I felt more than a little stuck. My curiosity was peaked, for sure, how could it not be, right? But what the hell do you even ask a bukkake girl? How do you even ask it? I mean, I have no desire to offend her, and I’m not one to judge. So how do I even go about this interview?

I started off by watching her feed, let me tell you right now, my browser history has … Read the rest