Pastor Chris Goes Head-to-Head with Feminists

Africa’s super-famous preacher Pastor Chris Oyakhilome raised a few eyebrows with recent statements about women and their role in the world. Nigerian Christian feminists are hopping mad and ready to ask for the sensational faith-healer’s head. While these feminists share Pastor Chris’ Christian faith, they believe that his claims about women are unfounded and totally misrepresent what the Bible says about females.

What Pastor Chris Said

Pastor Chris first started the stink with feminists when he explained a woman’s role in marriage. Rather than following the modern belief that women are equals in the relationship, Pastor Chris informed his readers that being a man does not make you partner in marriage – instead, you are the master of the marriage if you’re the husband. Not only did he set women straight about who was in charge, but he also claimed that most of the problems in Christian marriages arose from … Read the rest An Interactive and High-value Trading Platform for Forex Trading

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