Different Reasons as to Why Men Pull Away and the Three Things to Handle It

No one has ever said that maintaining a dating relationship between a man and a woman is easy. In fact, it is very difficult. So many aspects of a relationship to consider, that often times, people give up and decide to break up. It actually takes a lot of hard work to to make a relationship last and turn into something more. However, some relationships are just not meant to be. There are a lot of warning signs that a relationship is headed in the wrong direction, and once women are aware of these signs, then they can act appropriately. For instance, there are different reasons as to why men pull away from the relationship. However, women can understand this and choose the proper actions to take to make him feel more comfortable.

Often times, dating a man at first seems great. Both people have things in common, he is making the time to get to know the woman, dating is going well and so on. Then, something happens that changes the man’s behavior completely. For instance, texting and phone calls are reduced and plans to see each other are not being made. For women, such behavior can be scary. However, there are certain steps to follow regarding giving him some space, while taking care of hurt feelings the situation may case.

The first crucial step is to realize that it is very common for men to pull away. In a way, they are afraid of losing themselves in someone else. If this the right person, then he will come back. Men will always need their space, and that is okay. Once this happen, it is important for the woman not to do anything about it. This is step two. The woman should not call him to ask him what is wrong. Do not go by his workplace or drop in at his home. Let him come back on his own.

Finally, turn his absence into a positive. Instead of asking him why he hasn’t been around, express excitement and happiness that he did call or set up a date. This will show the man that emotions did not take over the woman, and will make him want to get to know the woman more so that they can make a connection.