Higher Life Conference UK 2017 with Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has announced that he will be holding an event in London on September 8th to the 10th. The world famous O2 Arena will be the event venue. Pastor Chris says that this event will be called the Higher Life Conference UK 2017. Pastor Oyakhilome will be spreading God’s word and will be ministering about the higher life. Chris Oyakhilome is known all around the world as a best selling author and well reknowned faith healer. Oyakhilome and his ministry has been able to assist millions all around the world.

Higher Life Conference UK 2017 is one that is being a very affordable one as far as price goes. The three day event to be held at the O2 Arena will be one that will have a seating capcity of 20,000 people. The O2 Arena is the second largest indoor arena seating capacity wise in the United Kingdom. Pastor Chris says that Higher Life Conference UK 2017 will focus on the deeper knowledge and understanding that the children of God being able to have a higher life. The conference will focus on conducting itself similar to church services. There will be praise and worship along with opening prayers each day. A festival of music is also planned for Higher Life Conference UK 2017. Internationally known gospel artists will appear at the music festival and along with interactive videos will be working to bring the Holy Spirit to all of those that believe.

Public registration for the Higher Life Conference UK 2017 will begin on September 8th. Higher Life Conference UK 2017 will conduct one afternoon session each day during the duration of the three day conference and festival. Each session of the conference will cost attendees a price of £1.50. A price of £4.50 will give a person access to all three days of the conference. The service on Friday, Sept. 8th will get underway at 6pm. The Saturday service will start at 4pm and the Sunday service will begin at 1pm.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be joined by other Believer’s OneWorld pastors to deliver the word of God during Higher Life Conference UK 2017. There will be miracles, healing, annointing, worshiping, and preaching during the sessions. There will also be teachings on how to speak in tongues, meditation, and lessons on finding just how important that Jesus is in our lives. Each session will end with spirit filled praises and revelations allowing the Holy Spirit to make its entrance into the atmosphere.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of Believer’s OneWorld and is basded in the country of Nigeria. It is a bible based ministry that is also known around the world as the ‘Christ Embassy‘. Pastor Chris is noted as one of the most repsected and influential preachers in all of Africa. His ministry has been able to reach other parts of the world and is highly respected throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. He is well known for his healing ministry. Oyakhilome recently started a religous based television network with another world reknowned preacher in Benny Hinn. LoveWorld USA is a 24 hour, 7 days a week channel that focuses on bringing the hope, joy, and inspiration of God along with the Holy Spirit to all Americans.