LuvFree – a free dating site you can trust

How it begins

There are many reasons why people create dating sites. Being a self-employed software engineer, Fedor never thought of working for the dating industry before. In 2006 he was asked to improve the soft for one of the well-known dating services. During his work on the site’s code, Fedor was shocked with the techniques used on the site. Almost all of female profiles were a fake. The site owners also created false accounts, and asked the software engineer to write a program delivering messages from non-existent hotties to new male users.

The site’s owners told that that program allowed them to motivate people to pay for the service and generate more income. Otherwise, they had to close the site. The service was also infected with various scam groups from worldwide, and the staff did nothing to protect their customers. They believed that scammers sending multiplied messages “helped” them to motivate users to pay for opening and replying mails.

 “I was shocked with the things settled on that site” – Fedor

Making a quick research, Fedor found out that the “user motivated” technique is a common case on some of dating sites. Try to post an empty male profile without a pic on some paid or free dating sites and see what happens. Your email inbox will be attacked by attractive females sending you messages. It looks suspicious, isn’t? Moreover, if you’d like to read and reply their messages, you need to pay a subscription fee that may be automatically renewed next month.  It’s obvious that none thought about people emotions and feelings.

How starts

The tricks played with users on dating sites upset Fedor a lot, and he had the intention of creating the service where people are protected from the games of online dating industry.  He dreamed of a place for singles meeting other singles without paying money for finding love. He also wanted to create a new site free of scam and fraud. It’s how LuvFree appeared.

The site was built as a totally free of charge dating service. The owner did not want people pay money for communication with like-minded singles. But any website requires maintenance costs and paying for moderators work. And Fedor had to post advertising blocks on sites pages realizing that some people didn’t like that.

Real dating website for real people

In the first years Fedor was moderating new profiles and pictures by himself and got a unique experience working with singles. He created a list of rules for the future team. Now he keeps watching how the rules are followed by moderators. All pictures and profiles posted on site are manually reviewed before being publicly visible.  This new approach to the moderation policy was appreciated by old and new users especially those who tired of seeing inappropriate and scam content on dating sites. You can look for example on page San Diego personals and see that profiles is real.

 “LuvFree is not big but very comfortable. I feel safe being on here” – Jane

LuvFree moderators have a great experience in protecting people from spammers, scammers and solicitors. “I’d like to create a safe place for dating and meeting singles. I have a zero tolerance to online  fraudsters and people playing games with others’ feelings” – says Fedor.

It’s obvious that strict moderation policy influences on the users experience and does not let community to grow easily, but the owner keeps following the strategy he’s chosen from the beginning to stay the site a safe and comfortable place. More than ten years of working dating site have proved that.

“The site is very good and made good friends here too,hope i will be back soon,just taking mini break and see where life takes me. thanks for all your support great site great staff who work here and i have had lot of fun too. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, LIFE IS A ROLLERCOASTER. THANK YOU ALL.KISH”.

“After a long and lengthy search on your site. I’ve found the woman of my dreams. We plan to marry next year December 2019. I wish to thank “Luv Free” for all you’ve done in up dating many photos. I have to say your site was very helpful at the right time for me. To all the ladies I had talked with, good luck too you all!”

“Thank you for youre wonderful site. i met jenny here and she is amazing. thank you so much and keep up the good work!!!”

And many more….

LuvFree in the future

The world is changing fast. The Internet is changing fast too. About 400 dating websites and apps are created and closed every year. LuvFree celebrated its eleventh anniversary in October. But the site needs changes too to stay useful for the singles community and those who are joining the service daily.  The owner is planning to attract people to the mobile site, create an app for Iphone and make a new layout.  Fedor tries to keep the service free of charge, so he’s been working on site’s code and re-design by himself.   “I wish to add some new features to let people use them for free” – says Fedor, but feels sorry that things go not so fast as site requires a lot of his effort. “I’m responsible for people who join LuvFree.  I’m spending as much free time as possible to meet users’ needs and desires. I’m happy that people enjoy being on here and chatting with new pen pals and friends”.