Pastor Chris` Divine Healing School

Pastor Chris` Healing School is a divine healing ministry that takes headlining missions to all people around the world. The school is headed by Chris Oyakhilome, who is an esteemed Reverend and Pastor. He is renowned for his leadership in Christ Embassy. The pastor works with other ministers to offer healing sessions at the school.

The program holds its divine exercises at various geographical location, including Toronto in Canada and Johannesburg in South Africa. Thousands of people gather to listen to God`s word, witness miracles and receive a divine intervention. The atmosphere is filled with faith, as the pastor anoints people with the Holy Spirit.

The healing program is set to accommodate various ministers from around the world. These visitors utilize the “Ministers’ Visitation Program” to acquire the special chance to witness first-hand healing, by the man of God. The miraculous power of the Holy Spirit manifested in healing, is documented after each healing session.

Many believers who had been suffering from unhealable ailments have been touched by the Holy Spirit. God`s power has been manifested through his servant and minister. The Pastor re-enacts healing miracles, that were present during the time of Jesus, and were recorded in the Bible. The great wonders and signs that occur prove that Jesus is the same in the past, in the present and in the future.

Christ Embassy healing ministry runs a flagship TV program that is famously known as “Enter the Healing School with Pastor Chris.” The channel is viewed by millions of people around the world. It utilizes several terrestrial TV stations and satellites in Africa, in the UK and in the United States. Thousands of people narrate their testimonies after receiving a divine healing from the school. Miracles and healing sessions are conducted and broadcasted through the TV channels.

Christ Embassy healing program contains a unique website that provides exclusive features to viewers. The site contains numerous materials that elevate Christians spiritually. Some of these sources include online magazines, video testimonies, healing and miracle sessions` reports, audio confessions and divine health realities.

Chris Oyakhilome has conducted healing and miracles to cure various ailments. These diseases include blood conditions, cancers and tumors, children disorders, mental conditions, motor failures, reproductive challenges, organ failures, sensorineural conditions, medical conditions and spiritual ailments.

The ministry provides numerous versions of magazines. The articles document numerous healing miracles, that have occurred since the start of the program. The website provides current news such as next location, where the healing session will take place. A player network option is provided on the website to enable millions of believers around the world to connect to the divine ministry. Oyakhilome utilizes the channels to educate people around the world, both believers and non-believers, about the importance of healthy living.

About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor and Reverend Chris Oyakhilome is the pioneer and President of Christ Embassy, Believers` LoveWorld Inc. He is an anointed leader, who is filled with the Holy Spirit. Chris is dedicated to propelling the gospel of Christ, in a dynamic and multifaceted manner, to all nations in the world. He is a renowned author, who has written one of the most sold books, “Rhapsody of Reality.” The book has been translated into over 900 languages.

Chris Oyakhilome holds various teaching ministries. He has a passion to deliver divine knowledge of God`s word to all people. Chris holds crusades and teaching sessions that include Night of Bliss and Higher Life Conference. His teachings are aired daily, in his televisions channels. These TV stations include LoveWorldPLUS in Nigeria, LoveWorldSAT in South Africa and LoveWorldTV in the United Kingdom.