Prague Escort Kiss and Tell (What They Do and Don’t Tell Their Significant Others)

Working as an escort, I find freedom and validation in my job. What I tell my significant other is my business, but now I’m making it yours.

Okay, you asked, so I’m telling.

This isn’t necessarily normal for me, as I have been working as a Prague escort for almost five years now, and there is a really strict professional code that goes along with my job: Don’t ask, don’t tell. This credo is fundamentally important to what I do and how I do it. Under the guise of anonymity, the internet provides, I conduct my business professionally, with little to no personal divulgement to my clients.

Much like they would expect of me. I respect their boundaries and look to our adventures as transactional. When I am with a client, I am solely with them, in that moment. What they do outside of our appointments is of no concern to me, just as how I conduct my daily life doesn’t involve them. I find my job really rewarding. It’s fun and often intimate, but brief, encounters with people who are really just looking to have a good time, no strings attached.

However, I often find myself being asked, by clients, friends, and even coworkers (yes, I have those), what I do and don’t tell people that are significant to me outside of my working life. For me, it’s a pretty simple question, a boundary that I have set for myself after years of consideration. It all rests on a similar foundation to what I build my business ethics around: “If you can handle it, and I’m comfortable doing it, let’s go!”

So, no, I don’t tell them anything…

Anything that they aren’t comfortable hearing. I have it quite a bit easier than many other Prague escorts I’ve worked with, I don’t have any kids, there isn’t a husband to tend to, and both of my parents have been dead for a very long time. Which really just leaves me with close personal friends and the occasional boyfriend. Most of my friends know what I do and don’t really care. At first, they are either interested, or appalled, or some mishmash of the two, but generally the initial shock wears off when they come to realize that my job really isn’t that interesting.

Most times, describing an appointment as a Prague escort is like describing a first date. While there’s generally a period of awkwardness, it’s usually followed by quiet comfortability and some really great sex. I enjoy the incredible conversations that I have with my clients, and rarely, I’ll get saddled with a customer with some weird kink (did I mention I give really good foot jobs?) that’s good for a laugh or two, but generally it’s just decent people looking for a release from their overdramatic and stressful lives. Which means most of the time I spend with men is done relaxing, chatting, and fucking.

But What About Boyfriends?

One of my favorite things about being a Prague escort is that I am in complete control of my own schedule. I make really great money and don’t have to work all the time. This is the perfect situation for me, because if I want to take a month off to backpack Europe, I can. No questions asked. If I’m feeling a bit shit, and just want to curl up with ice-cream and all day Netflix – I can. The flexibility I have with my schedule is fantastic. It also allows me more than ample time for dating, if I so desire.

But that’s another one of those things that my job provides me that is otherwise a total pain in the ass, if not outright impossible, to find. The inherent need for intimacy it pretty much handled in my job description.  Each client I have is a potential “first date romance” candidate. Many of my regular clients and I have genuine connections that exist within the confines of our allotted time. Not only that, but almost every single time, the sex is absolutely incredible. All of those emotions and comforts that people seem to go out of their way to provide themselves with, come directly to my door, and they bring cash.

So as far as dating goes, I don’t really feel the need to do it all that often. I have had boyfriends in the past, some I’ve told what I do, and some I haven’t, depending on the depth of the relationship. Ultimately, my job came between us all, so for now, I do what I do best, and keep all of my secrets, and the secrets of my clients, to myself.