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Guide to Volleyball shoes and Its Benefits Millions of dollars have been spent in researching volleyball shoes. And this makes you believe that because of this it has an advantage over any other type of shoes for playing the sport. These people are not mistaken to think that way. There are a lot of people playing volleyball who don’t exactly wear volleyball shoes, and instead they wear normal cross trainers, basketball shoes or even running shoes. If you are a beginner in volleyball then this is fine, but it is better to use volleyball shoes instead. The reason for this is because volleyball shoes are designed to help you play better, and for other reasons given below. There is less resistance when you jump in the air while wearing very light shoes. You will be surprised how light volleyball shoes are. They are designed also with the front of the shoe pointing slightly upwards. Standing on their toes is encouraged by this design. The ready position in volleyball is standing on your toes. It will not work if you try to stand on your heels and then move quickly. You are able to move faster when you are standing on your toes. You will notice that the material for the sole of volleyball shoes is a very soft compound. This material gives a good grip for your shoes if you are playing on a shiny, wooden court. This type of shoes are better for grip than any other shoe for this type of surface, and this alone makes them worth buying. Volleyball shoes are designed with plenty of spring and cushion so even in your keeping on jumping and landing you will not feel the shock force as much as you will if you wear another type of shoes. You will know straight away that they work well if you by yourself a pair of volleyball shoes.
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You should consider your budget when you buy your volleyball shoes. Volleyball shoes vary considerably in price, shape, colors, and quality. If you are not that serious then you can get a set of cheaper shoes which will just be fine. Playing for the national team or any official team should require you to buy top quality volleyball shoes. Your volleyball shoes should be comfortable to wear, lightweight, and breathes easily and will allow you to wear an ankle brace underneath without any problems.
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A lot of people make a fuss with the color of their shoes since they want it to stand out quite a bit. Comfort in wearing the shoes is the most important thing because you will be wearing it for the whole game and there is nothing worse than poorly designed shoes.