The Rise of the Serial Dater

Online dating and smartphone apps, such as Tinder, have caused quite the social stir. Thought to encourage the ‘shopping around’ culture, it is argued that this accessibility between singles has given rise to the serial dater. But is that such a bad thing?

Times they are a changing

In times gone by courting was instantly a significant status, almost always leading to long term relationships. It wasn’t unheard of for our grandparents, even our parents, to have tied the knot by the time they hit their twenties. Today, this simply isn’t the case. Single men and women socialise in different circles, and go on multiples dates with different people. This is why there are so many casual dating sites out there. You can now go online and use Local Bangs to find a fuck near you before you eventually decide to get into something more serious.

The Tinder generation

A strong social argument is that mobile apps and online dating have trivialised romance. It has become a hobby for the bored, those with a smartphone constantly attached to the palm of their hand.

Nothing else to do? Swipe right and meet a match. No likes lately? Reel in the attention using your online dating profile. The rise in technology has given birth to a generation that values instant gratification. On the surface, it can seem as though no one wants to invest their time into relationships so that they can go on stand the tests of time.

No more unhappy marriage syndrome

Of course, young singles today are up no strings attached fun. We are living in a time when it has not only socially accepted, but the norm. This doesn’t mean to say, however, that their goal for the future isn’t to go the distance. Could it simply be that young ones have found a way to tackle the unhappy marriage syndrome of the past?

In meeting with many people, trying different dates, letting yourself loose, you can be free to figure out what works for you. The social pressure to settle down and commit, as soon as you hit your twenties, no longer exists. Rather than fumbling into adulthood, and making the most of your marriage, today singles are searching for that specific someone. A relationship today is more a partnership in life.

The key to a happy marriage

What’s more, it seems that the more selective we are, the more successful our relationships become. Official statistics for the last five years indicate that while couples are tying the knot later in life, marriage rates are on the increase. But that’s not all, the number of divorce settlements have also fallen.

Perhaps holding out until you’re ready to settle and dedicate your life to something significant, is the key to marital bliss?

It may give your grandma the gripes, but serial dating is here to stay. Yet, it seems there is more to it than a perpetual state of promiscuity. Rather, look upon it as a single’s thorough search for someone they can be sure to share their life with. What is it they say? Happily ever after…